21 October 2007

Watch Our Film Festival Entry!!!


Yes, it's true. I'm finally making my directorial debut, at least online. Many of you know I'm studying film, that I'm planning to make films. But few of you actually have seen anything by me. Well, here's your chance to see a film, made by myself and a select group of very talented team members.

To see it, you need to go and vote on our entry to Apple's Insomnia Film Festival.

We had 24 hours to put together a 3 minute movie, using all certain key props/locations/characters. We worked hard and to the end and now its online, waiting to be judged. The only way we win is by you, our friends, families and loved ones, voting for us.

Go and vote for us right now!! I could post it here, but instead I'm going to send it you to it so you can get an Apple ID (it takes 30 seconds, and you DON'T have to be a student, just enter your favorite school) and give us a 4-star rating.

Here's the Links:

It's called "Memories" and can be found here:


if that doesn't work try this:

Apple Insomnia Film Festival homepage

Search for us under "Lead Pipe" or just the title, "Memories."

If you ever want me to talk to you again, or at all, vote for our film NOW!!!