19 March 2009

Spring Breakin'

Frankly, the last several weeks I've been in what I believe is a very creative place.

And it's getting worse.

Symptoms include twitchy energy that demands to be spent on constructing something, clutter steadily appearing as more crafty stuff gets dug out of storage, and a complete lack of memory for details like what someone is saying to me, as I zone out and ponder the best method of heat forming sintra.

School is coming progressively to an end for me. I'll FINALLY have my degree, and be ready to charge out into a economic crisis and try to survive. Hooray. In the meantime I'm hoping to funnel my creative strides into exercises that are fulfilling and portfolio building. Someday I'll make a name out of all this stuff.

Anyway, for now, I've been juggling things I need to get done - costume stuff for the upcoming U theater production (the outfits are turning out incredibly well. I'll post some pics and my design sketches here soon), school (despite it being spring break), work (always work, always my favorite, although its amazing how much less I hate my shifts when I desperately need money), and of course, projects to keep me sane.

As posted once, I have too many. My interests are ridiculously wide a varied anymore, and thus so are the things I work on. Screenplays, novels, costumes (which includes a bevy of things from sewing to leather working to uncomfortable exchanges at the Home Depot as they want to know why you only need a 1' x 15' section of rubberized pond lining), fan films, cooking, self educating (because new skills are always good skills), 1930's murder mysteries, and so on. Currently though, Judge Gabranth is taking up my free moments. I've wanted to build this costume for a while and it was so overwhelming, I lost my way for a bit. No worries; now I'm back and pushing through it.

Okay, so this has been an update style posting. I apologize, because its like you're reading a lame journal entry. I promise (ha!) that the next entry will be more essay-esque in nature, like my old blog posts used to be: i.e. more pompous aire and a dash imperious.

17 March 2009

To Rant or Not to Rant

This is always the problem with writing blogs a few days later - I planned a rant about moral high ground and the insanely irritating tendency some people display in thinking they always have it. But that energy has petered out and as much fun as it might be to insult or offend people, particularly heavily religious people (who, let's be honest, are often the ones claiming such a position), I'm spent and will limit myself to an extremely short discussion of a subject dear to my heart:

I don't care how much money they make, whether they prefer ebonics, or if rappers just aren't creative enough to come up with actual lyrics, the fact remains:

CONVERSATE IS NOT A WORD. Nor is any form thereof. You are not conversating, on the phone or anywhere else. You converse. In fact, what's worse is that the legitimate word is even shorter than the derelict version. Which means that rappers are either trying to be stylistic, or really in need of grammar lessons.

Anyway, that's all. Rant completed.

12 March 2009

Coming Soon...

I am tired. And I have a rant to give.

Most likely it will be offensive.

But I can't now. I have to run to my summer semester orientation.

That is all.

10 March 2009


Especially you, nasty ducking dipshit asshole at the gate who closed
the door despite your superior and fellow ticket agents saying to let
us on (although they weren't exactly in a hurry to be helpful either).

So now I'm sitting in an airport bar drinking margaritas because if I
weren't I'd probably be defacing Frontier property and getting arrested.

See, if it was our fault it'd be one thing. But it's not. It's theirs.
They were the ones who somehow didn't ticket us, their passengers and
couldn't figure it out in time to get us on the plane. Even though we
had a reservation, a confirmation number, seats an a itinerary and a
receipt. The customer service woman had the gall to tell us to
arrive earlier next time this situation arises.

Oh, okay. Next time I know in advance that their system screwed up
I'll be sure to tell the captain of my connecting flight to arrive two
hours in advance so I'll have to time work this situation out.

Oh fuck all ya'll. So I'm stuck here until the next flight tomorrow at

See, this is why it's dangerous to have an iPhone to blog from. No
doubt this would be much calmer if I wasn't in the heat of the
moment. Sorry. See the previous post for evidence of my anger.

Evidence of My Chilling Out

07 March 2009

A Sobering Beach Walk

Drinking Down Charleston

Quite literally. We made it to Charleston in time to hit the food and
wine festival going on. Since coming to the South I've been obsessed
with the food. It's part of what they're known for after all. The
festival was the perfect stop as both local wineries and distilleries
showed up but also a truckload of local restaurants who showcased
their specialties, seafood and more. The bbq crab salad was to die
for and the truffle potatoes were incredible. But who knew I'd like
the pork liver terrine? We got to try more of the local cuisine than
we ever could have in our one day there otherwise.

This was naturally accompanied by all the wine and liquor we could
handle. And then some. I found some new favorites (doubtlessly
unavailable in Utah) and will and I both got sloshed.

To counter this we spent the rest of the evening walking Broad street,
eating Indian food, and strolling the beach at sunset. It was

Can I just say, I love Charlotte.

06 March 2009

Mr. Carver Would be Proud

I know. It looks like I'm holding something kinda gross. In reality
it's a boiled peanut. And it's good. Who would've thought?

Doing the Charleston

I'm especially excited about today; we're headed into Charelston for a
food and wine festival. I've been guaranteed some excellent seafood
out here too. It should be fun.

Which reminds me... Yesterday Will and I stopped at the Georgia
welcome center to pick up some literature. While there, Will decided
to hit the restroom where an older gentleman was using his cellphone
while at the urinal. Will washed his hands and started to use the air
dryer. It was apparently loud because the guy turned to him and said,
" Excuse me young man, can't you see I'm on the phone." To which Will
responsed, "Excuse me sir, can't you see you're on your phone while
taking a piss in a public restroom?".

That's my bf. But then he has a very valid point. Who just does that?

Southern Belles?

On a quick sidenote, is this really the latest fashions in Georgia?
Catering to the old church-going southern ladies is my guess.

Riverwalk and Beyond

So aftera late lunch we went into Augusta, GA. It's sort of trendy,
sort of traditional and actually really charming. According to the
random history signs we saw everywhere the city has been pretty much
ravaged between numerous floods, huge fires and wars. It's looking
good today, however.

We walked down the Riverwalk along the Savannah. Its a beautiful
landscaped path with views of the enormous homes across the rive in
the SC side.

After that we explored broad street, miraculously found where Will
used to live, enjoyed the scent of the paper mill (think dirty wet
feet) and capped the evening with tapas at The Bee's Knees. Will
discovered a Sweet Tea-ni which made him quite happy. Only in the
south do they make tea flavored vodka.

Yesterday's Lunch

Let's just talk about Shealy's in Leesville for a moment. It's famous
around those parts; it looks like a converted church dining hall inside
(complete w/ scripture of the day); requires you to wash your hands
while in line; and has the best BBQ ever.

I've never had mustard based BBQ before. It's awesome. Seriously. I'm
sad things like this haven't caught on in the west. So far the food
has yet to disappoint me.

05 March 2009


Today things are already looking greener in NC. The freak snow storm
that dumped on them before we arrived is melting away into deep greens
and thick forested underbrush. It makes me sad that Utah is so
woefully short on wooded areas. Yeah, I know it's a desert. And yeah I
know we like to over-develop anything along I-15 and have no respect
for open spaces or anything that doesn't turn a profit... But I digress.

Anyway we filled yesterday with visits to Eljon, a city containing
Will's best childhood memories, seeing faces from his past and
reminiscing. Sesquicentennial State Park was particularly beautiful
and Will pointed out the numerous magnolia trees and palmettos the
area is known for.

We finished the day in Camden, oldest inland city in SC and the site
of British occupation during the Revolution. It was dusk when we
stumbled on the Kershaw House, where the British commanders set up
their headquarters for the area. It was closed but interesting and
beautiful nonetheless.

Today we're off to Augusta after a brief stop at Shealy's for some
hardcore BBQ. So far my only regret is that Carowinds is closed until
April. Alas.

04 March 2009

Fried Goodness

Sweet Tea

Southern Cookin

Will swears by this place. And I have to admit it was pretty damn good. Let's be honest, isn't food part of what the south does?

Welcome to Dirty South

Today is my first official day in the South. I've never been here and
thus I will be blogging it because I'm thrilled by the cultural
variances. My only previous exposures have been an abrasive bartender
I worked with, three hours in the Atlanta airport on a layover, and of
course Will an his family.

Already I've encountered a different mentality, a strange (and oddly
sincere) politeness that Utahns surely don't posess. Will's accent
continues to get thicker and I tried sweet tea for the first time.

It's amazing how different people and places can be within one
country. Admittedly a large country, but still.