01 September 2016


Another day in the Land of the Lost. I think that's a terrible movie.


Anyway, back to the blog and trying to write more frequently. The Swede inspired me with an email about her own blogging and writing endeavors. I had a couple of really incredible trips recently - Gen Con and Australia. Once again they reinforced that there's so much out there to love and that I'm passionate about. And yet... I can't find a way to translate those into something more than free time hobbies to dabble in. I'd like to blame the universe but it's my own fault.

Nature of the beast, I guess. I love exploring and learning knew things - so I tend to dabble a lot. It's given me a great of experiences, and in some ways I think of myself as a modern Renaissance type. This is not valued in our society. We want experts and the most successful individuals are those who drill down at one thing and work tirelessly to achieve. Or that used to be the case. Nowadays successful individuals are the 1% who rigged the systems for their own benefit.

Okay enough of that.

My point is, these days I don't buy into the system, the American Dream, or a sustainable future. That's nihilistic, and also unsustainable as a living philosophy. I may not buy into it, but that doesn't mean I can escape it. So writing?

I wrote a short story. It's been rewarding. I'll talk about that later. Because I'm blogging from phone and it's annoying.

Thus this entry is pretty much filler. Just know I'm frustrated and trying to figure out my future.