12 August 2010

Caulk Your Wagons...

I know people are worried about all the raping of their childhood memories (stay tuned for... The Smurfs), but this...  Can we say awesome?

10 August 2010

There is Only War

So... A small group of friends decided to give Dark Heresy a try. For
those who probably don't know, DH is a tabletop rpg set in the dark
and grim future of the 41st millenium.
It was everyone's first pen and paper style rpg and I was pseudo-
nominated as the GM. Overall I'd say it was a shit-ton of work to prep
for (since the players ran amok causing all sorts of problems and
situations for me to respond too) bu that's also because I had to
comprehend the rules as much as possible. And in the end (a good five
hours later) we more or less understand how to get through a game.
And I have to say, while I was hesitant and a bit nervous about my
exacting role within the scenario, it turned out to be a great deal of
fun. The players fell into their parts and some (Ishmael) created
havoc everwhere they went... Nearly blowing up other characters or
collapsing mine shafts for no apparent purpose. In the end he got his
own, mutated by chaotic power and gunned down by two other players. It
was highly entertaining.
In fact I was surprised how fun it was despite the stop-and-go nature
of our first attempt. But it was successful nevertheless and I hope
everyone else liked it as much as I did. Because I'm hoping for many
more campaigns in the future... Which for the record is filled with
war and only war.  And heretics.  Maybe some Xenos here and there.
But those all lead to war anyway. So... war.

Addendum:  I also wanted to add that the creatures,  the players and the sad lost soul known as "Rat" were all represented on our map by sprinkles in the shapes of dinosaurs and people.  It was kinda awesome.

02 August 2010

Dark Ambience

So... I know this has nothing to do with anything, but in my search for interesting music of a atmospheric and dark nature, I stumbled upon this man. He mostly composes and licenses for films, doesn't look as though he releases any kind of albums or tracks. Still, the languid feel of this music and imagery really took me for a ride. So I figured I'd share the wealth. And if you're looking for some interesting ambient music for your feature, take a look.

Dark Ambient Space Music: Through The Ergosphere: Film Composer Simon Wilkinson from Simon Wilkinson on Vimeo.