19 May 2010

A Day in the Life

Let's see...

Today consists of the usual:

Wake up far too early after staying up until 2:00 a.m. waiting for my husband who is MIA. (Ha ha, actually he was stuck at an accident turned block party, where no one could get through so they all hung out in the middle of the street).

Start coffee maker.

Talk to the roomie about how, now that he has a computer, he can troll the internet for cheap and easy women. Which, for the record is fine by me, since I was tired of him leaving a history trail of lesbian porn sites on our computer.

Listening to Little Big Planet music while writing a blog. This is not so unusual. Actually, I listen to a rather bizarre and eclectic mix of things, from some VERY selective current music, to electronica/trance to mostly soundtracks. Game soundtracks I particularly enjoy, but I do love my movie soundtracks too. Occasionally I like to throw in some 1930's old timey-whimey stuff. Yeah, I'm not usually asked to choose the party music, since people that see my iPod usually give me a "WTF, mate?"

Go total my car. If this totals, it will be my second car I've totaled. From accidents. Although only once was from me. This time it was all that crazy girl's fault. I suppose it's not a very interesting way to kill a car. Not like my brother Colin, who takes the Euro-van off-roading and breaks the front axel. Now that's a way to go.

Buy wine-keys for work. I get to teach a class on wine (who'd have thunk? Certainly not Teacher's Quorum President Me) to the employees, and give everyone new wine keys. I have to go pick them out from the restaurant supply, and am under strict instructions that I will not buy a bunch of random stuff for my house and charge it to Mac Grill. Damn.

Go to work. Serve people 1800 calorie bread while they talk about how they're watching their weight and will just have the salad, along with two more loaves of bread. Hmm.

Come home, have a drink and maybe get some, and go to bed. Yep, this is my exciting life.

But believe me, it's nothing compared to a day in the life of Thu Tran, host of Food Party on the Independent Film Channel. This is a show I simply cannot describe. You have to watch it for yourself and that's all I can say. Here's a delightful clip, for your mind-blowing pleasure. Oddly enough, this clip makes the show appear far more tame than it actually is. But maybe we'll ease you in, nice and slow.

12 May 2010

Guess Who's Back?

My life has freed up, a bit. And thus, I will present, for your viewing pleasure, some images from the first production I worked on this last year. I will post the Opera images shortly after this.

Time and the Conways - A play that takes place both in 1919 and in 1938, watching the progression of a British family over these years. There are two notes I have about this show. 1) I can't stand the set color. It's a bit outta control. 2) The styles of women's dress in general during 1919 were the most bizarre collection of things you can imagine. It was right after the war, smack dab between Edwardian and the Roaring Twenties, and no definite style had been set. These dresses I designed are all accurate pieces that both fit the characters, and would fall into this year, but believe me when I tell you the range of this year is incredible. Most of my budget went to these dresses because we had to build all of them. It is not an easily stocked era. Also, many of these photos are from dress rehearsal, so the looks are not completely perfect (i.e. steamed, or wrong undergarments, etc). Still, enjoy.

1919 - Kay (the dreamer)

1919 - Joan ("such a foolish girl")

1919 - Hazel ("the pretty one")

1919 - Mrs. Conway ("I love all my children, even the silly ones")

1919 - Madge (a most unfortunate name)

1938 Hazel (in my favorite dress of the show) and Alan, the sad home-body brother.

1938 - Kay the Journalist, Robin the alcoholic schemer (in a gorgeous, actual vintage late 30's suit), and poor depressed Joan.

1938 - Madge, bitter girl's school matron

1938 - Mrs. Conway in, as the actress called it, her "Edwardian Snuggie." The script mentions that Mrs. C is still wearing Edwardian period clothes, which is funny since she's wearing clothing from an earlier period than when the play starts. Ah well. This balanced nicely with the color scheme though.

And there's some highlights for you kids. Enjoy!