05 October 2009

The Colorado Way

Apple Jack. A store that carries more than all the Utah liquor stores

One More Thing

I would like to know why Utah is so damned backwards. If anyone has an
answer, I'd love to hear it. My current theory is that as People-Who-
Have-the-Truth, Mormons feel it's necessary to pick on those who

I guess if you're not in with the popular crowd, it's cool for the
majority to restrict your rights and make your life inconvient, (which
is funny given their history) whether we're talking gay marriage or
finding a decent bottle of wine in the store.

Found three favorite wines in Colorado today. None are carried by the

Baby - Barbera d'Asti
Voga - Italian Pinot Grigio
Green and Red - California Zinfandel

Thanks Utah, for making getting away an even more pleasurable
experience due to your restrictive and discriminatory mentality.