10 April 2007

Triple X, sans the Vin Diesel.

So it came to my attention, as I struggled to write that paper on social problem films disguised as thrillers for my film history class, that perhaps we've overlooked a serious genre of films which are so very important to us all.

Being that I stand for righting (or just writing) the injustices of the system, I now present to you a short essay:

Deep Seeded: Story and Structure in Pornographic Art Movies

We often time dismiss adult films as simple or as more propadanda-ist drivel from those left-winger liberals who believe we ought to share everything, including government programs and bodily fluids. This is a most distressing point of view considering that real potential exists in these films, just as in any genre. Just as animated films, often apparently geared towards children, can be moving and emotional experiences when well done for adults, there lies a potential for porn to be intellectually stimulating.

Artists have always recogonized the human body as a beautiful marvel. The porn industry is truly no different than any other behemouth movement of an art - some are hacks and some really try to connect with the divine and create a statement that is meaningful to society. The experimental and avant guarde films that show what smutty sex films can truly aspire to be. Art.

Such are these films which follow. For the sake of ease, I will concern myself mainly with that subgenre of adult films, "gay cinema." Straight cinema is an entirely beast in its own right.

Take for example, the not-so-recent, Chef Boy Oh Boy. With it's deft storyline about several young chefs, on their own in world full of cooking and sexual repression, this film has really laid the groundwork for the other filmmakers like Chi Chi Larue.

In truth, few films embody the completely artistic taste and flair for visual storytelling as The Man Who Blew Too Much. A heart-wrenching tale of one man's obsession that ended in tragedy. Immediately we identify with the main character, a charismatic young man who's only crime was a deep love of deep-throating. The film works to help us feel the pain, and while it seems monotonous at times watching large member after large member have their way with his mouth, the editing is crafted to feel as if we too are blowing too much. From the onset, Billy is taken advantage of, the heirarchy's of society are challenged as police and military men each abuse their positions of power and put Billy himself in a new position.

It is disheartening to watch this young pizza delivery boy's dreams of college and an education in philosophy be crushed by "the man," who is only interested in what might be inserted in Billy's mouth. In the end our young hero is reduced, as the tagline suggests, to "work[ing] for cum." Soberingly gritty and realistic, unflinching in its narrative of a downtrodden man, it may not be for everyone, but it will have you thinking deeply about its poetic themes.

Other films which may be of interest to you, each with their own take on the social problems and distopia of the world around us include, Boyz On The Hood, Cream of Meat, Poppin' Peters 5, and Packed with Pride #19: Stick Shifters.

Each are worthy of viewing and analysis. Perhaps, as with all great works of art, we can better learn to understand ourselves and the world around us. Let us appreciate the great things which lie within us.

Things like Michael

or David (a.k.a. Rick Long)


Note: The author makes no moral judgements about whether pornography is acceptable or not, nor does he make or can he be held to any profession of the above pictures being attractive. He may or may not like the first one and certainly doesn't care for the second image (his face looks like it took a beating), but that is all a rumor anyway.


Okay, almost "sans Vin Diesel..."

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