28 December 2008

Midnight Meat Train-Wreck

I've heard of movies being released in theaters. I've heard of movies being released straight to DVD. Usually these are the sub-par selections however and come with a certain connotation concerning it's viewing pleasure. This is not to say that all movies released in theaters are decent of course. I've seen my share of awful films while sitting in a darkened cinema (**cough The Strangers... Alexander... cough**). The latter experience is of course worse in some ways as my defense against bombarding cinematic expression of a lousy caliber is to mock it senselessly. With others. Out loud. Okay, talking in a theater is generally a cardinal sin. I can't stand people discussing a movie while said movie is playing. But sometimes, there's just no other way to survive, quite figuratively.

In an interesting twist, the movie Midnight Meat Train did neither of these things. In our area at least, the film came straight to the dollar theater. Apparently of wasn't bad enough for dvd, or perhaps they'd already advertised it and couldn't back off a release. Either way it deinotely wasn't good enough for a full priced ticket.

Luck would have it that I didn't pay to watch it, thus the only thing lost was a little piece of my soul. We saw it on demand, with a nice little intro from Clive Barker, the director. Barker, of Hellraiser fame, was obviously aware of the terrible reviews as he issued a disclaimer, "I really am proud of this movie..." He said it as though one would find such a statement hard to believe. And after watching Meat Train, I truly do find that hard to believe.

The plot, such as it was, may have been bizarre and ridiculous, bit that didn't stop it being predictable as well. If half the thought that went into the gore effects (my favorite was the wife running from the butcher only to slip on her husbands eyeball) was applied to the script the movie just might have palatable. Maybe.

I'm sorry, did I say the plot was predictable? It was except for the creatures. Yes the creatures sideswiped the film like that asshole student driver who forgets to check his blindspots.

So you follow a creepy killer with disturbing growths (which, FYI he cuts off and saves in jars) who mercilessly butchers people and Oh Shit! We need and end to this movie, what if these monsters live in the subway tunnel and to keep them from overunning the earth the killer feeds them these people, all in about the last 5 minutes of the movie.

Are we even watching the same film? Are we?

I'm sorry if I ruined this movie for you, but then again, I didn't. This movie ruined this movie for you. It was such a disturbing experience, I can only recommend that everyone see this film immediately. Then you too can lose a little more of your soul.

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21 December 2008

Konicted to his kanooder

Sunday dinner is always a good time at my parents house. Truth be told it's kinda daunting to outsiders since it is mainly spent with all of us being funny at the expense of everyone else. This meal however was spent with colin and I using our iPhones through the whole meal. This phone has the power to change you in ways you've never dreamed of. Mostly a loss of friends and vision as you stare for countless hours at a small but beautiful screen.

It's worth the sacrifice.

Oh, and the post title comes from my mother's less than eloquent yelling at us for ignoring human contact.

19 December 2008


Alright, so I look like I just woke up. Whatever. Maybe I did. You don't know.

Anyway, Christmas came early this year. And thanks to the BF, I am now the proud owner of an iPhone 3g (in classy, Dark-as-My-Soul-Black). I admit I've garnered a slight addiction to technology. Particularly fun technology. So naturally, with my love of my mac combined with all the cool stuff one can do with an iPhone, I've been lusting after these babies for a while. I haven't stopped playing with it since I got it. In fact, I can post to this blog with it. Which I am. And you are now going to receive even more frequent updates than ever before! Although they may also be significantly more lame. Like a random picture of somebody I see and can't help wondering "Did you really go outside like that?" Now I can share it with everyone! Happy day!

So if my blog devolves into a slush pool of wardrobe critiques or bagels that look like the Blessed Mother... apologies in advance.

(Oh, and P.S. thanks to you hombres who are following me. As a reward, you've secured yourself a place in my will. I needed someone to give all my My Little Ponies to...)

16 December 2008

Finals and Followers

Finals are extremely... busy. In conclusion, I will update and post more soon. I just need to survive this week.

Oh, while we're on the subject (or not) I'm going to heed the instructions and tell you: you should follow my blog. Just click on the link on the side and join the misery. Everyone's doing it. Besides if you don't I'll have to remove the gadget so I don't look lame for only having two followers (although they are two awesome followers, of course). Don't think I won't.

06 December 2008

Darwinian Theory meets Personal Taste

It occurs to me that, in the last while, most of these entries haven't been thought-provoking in the extreme. To celebrate this fact, I am adding one more post before I move on to darker contemplations.

Everyone has crushes on celebrities. Its inevitable, really, since all our media does is attempt to turn average people into incredibly beautiful, bigger-than-life sex icons (usually riddled with personal problems, though that's another blog). I certainly have some of my own. To name a few, more traditional ones:




But more interesting than the typically revered are the bizarre choices. People you find yourself attracted to on an individually preferential basis, often mystifying others, and sometimes yourself, as to why. Hang-ups aside, I believe everyone also have these... inclinations to oddities. How else do you justify some of the characters in this world finding spouses?

Thus tonight I present, for your viewing pleasure, a couple of my less traditional infatuations:

Neil Patrick Harris. I'm pretty sure I have a minor crush on him. Which is weird... maybe. Perhaps its the down-to-earth, do-gooder thing. I don't know.


A second runner in this category... Mr. Anderson Cooper.


He's just so darn knowledgeable. And really sports the silver hair thing well, considering he's in his early 40's.

And there you have it folks, my light-on-intellect fare for today. Though naturally this post begs the question:

Who are your weird crushes?

25 November 2008

More Inside Geekdom

Jeff, in my screenwriting class complimented me on my ghetto-tastic "Jason Todd" shirt I wore to school once. I do believe he's one of the only people who understands the reference. Well, the shirt was entertaining, but starting to fall to pieces, so when my costuming crafts class decided to explore screen printing, it was the perfect time to revamp.

Here's the new version (never mind that I look stoned in this picture). I'm not going to explain what it means. And since he appreciated the first version, this post is for you Jeff.


23 November 2008

For Those of You Who Care...

I finally got around to watching Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

And loved it.

I told someone once that I wasn't one of those freaks who desperately worship everything Joss Whedon does... And I still don't think I am. But he sure can put some fun stuff out there. My fandom grows...

Watch it: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

20 November 2008

Mission Complete!

Well that's one less project to worry about.


The jacket is finally finished. I patterned it, created the designs which Colin helped me screen print and sewed the thing together. I wanted something that spoke of creativity, and in the end it's a slightly different jacket with a very draft-sketch feel. The "notes" scattered on the grid are actually quotes from various authors and artists about art.


Voila! I love the lining. And side zipper.


That long quote on the back is from Kerouac, a personal hero. All in all, not bad for a first attempt at creating my own pattern.

As Stephanie Yanez would say... "How do I look?"

Oh Stephanie Yanez. I could do an entire blog on her. But I won't. Instead, I'll just add it to this one and tell you that if you don't know who she is, you really really haven't ever lived. And by lived I mean discovered the one of the most annoying web personalities out there. Imagine a whiney six year old. You know that voice they make when pouting? Now put that voice on a twenty-something girl, and imagine it is keeping you up to date on all the anime and cosplay stuff you crave to know about. You just thought about Stephanie.

Enjoy this: And stay tuned for the rap midway through. Simply genius.

Anyone else want to join her fan group with me?

17 November 2008

Think Torchwood is Hiring?

You know - and I know - that I'm a geek.  It just happened somewhere along the road in my 26 years of life.  But I'm also at a point to appreciate that everyone, in one way or another, is also a geek.  My sister and I used to be the biggest Trekkies growing up.  And while many wouldn't, and might not still admit it, I'm surprised how many others out there enjoyed the same guilty pleasure.  You couldn't fess up such things in high school though.  

I've long since left that high school micro-verse where people are relegated to a role and a function in the social structure and pretty much stuck with it.  

Thank god I'm done with high school.

Besides, a lot of loser-ish things turn vogue when you're older. Like intelligence.  Or video games.  Or 80's inspired apparel, although that's not my favorite, unless done in a unobtrusive way.  Subtlety counts for something too.  

Anyway, I'm probably a bigger dork now, though definitely one with no shame about it.  Luckily I think I'm also a bit more of a sophisticated dork; that is, I appreciate a more artistic aspect of dorkdom.  I think.  That might be self delusion.  The reason I bring this up is because I just finished watching season two of Torchwood.  


A BBC series, and in fact a spin off of Doctor Who.  I know what you're thinking if you've ever seen the old series.  This was an update and renewal of the cult-followed original series.  I was turned off by the corniness of the old one, but have come to love the newest incarnation.  It may be aimed at a younger audience, and thus rather innocent, but it is too much fun to be ignored either.  And while I discovered Torchwood first, and became instantly hooked, I moved slowly into Doctor Who because of my former prejudice with the old show.  

Both of them compliment each other, but Torchwood drops a lot of the camp and takes a much darker and much more adult tone.  There is something that resonates with me, and a strange unease that I can't shake from the bleak outlook the show has - people saving a world that is problematic, unappreciative, and hopeless. The characters are fantastic, screwed up, and a little too realistic at times for such an odd Sci-Fi and drama hybrid.  The writing is superb and witty.  I can't lie: I'm a total geek for this show. 

I'm finished gushing.  Watch it if you're remotely interested.  What I am amazed by, however, is how different the British narrative is than traditional U.S. stuff.  Firstly, american audiences are apparently into the spectacle when it comes to genre pieces.  The focus for something in the science fiction realm tends to be all the digital imagery, usually hinged on some interesting, but hardly encompassing idea.   A show like Torchwood eschews favoring the special effects (which are not bad, but oft-times obviously digital) instead bringing the human dynamic to the forefront. Imperfect characters surviving both physically and emotionally in an imperfect world are the crux of the series.  They just happen to also fight aliens. Episodes almost always comment upon the state of humanity, as well as assess the mistakes and the divinities of individuals.  

I might nod to those that enjoyed Buffy the Vampire Slayer series (of which I am a recent convert).  While not exactly the same, the writing is in the same vein.

I also have to say, because it is impossible not to if you read any reviews of the series, that the show is progressive, if nothing else, in its approach to sexuality.  Whereas Doctor Who barely even broaches the subject, it falls at the forefront of Torchwood.  These characters are almost pansexual, particularly one character who is interested in anything he finds attractive - men, women, or alien alike.   The brits aren't afraid to show anything, and treat all manners of sexuality as nothing shocking or abnormal.  The people in this show - and apparently the makers of it - have moved to a future that is quite comfortable with itself in *ahem* any sexual position.  Its refreshing to see, when most networks and programs in the U.S. are mortified of alienating audiences and therefore pander to the lowest common demographic of acceptance and tolerance. As if we can't appreciate anything if its not served up in a perfect, discriminatorily correct, My Name is Earl fashion.  Taboos are fine in American television, as long as its the right taboos.  Extreme violence, graphic straight sex, and mostly stereotypic gay or even ethnic characters.  

I know that no country is perfect, but I am impressed with other nations' social progress compared to our own in some ways. We seem to be on the shorter end of that stick.  At any rate, I'm sad that I now have to wait for season 3, a season which is to be more a mini-series than anything.  Alas, something is better than nothing.  

In the meantime, maybe Torchwood is hiring.  I could use an exciting, encompassing, likely-to-kill-you-at-a-young-age day job.


14 November 2008

What the hell is wrong with you people?

Do I just sound angry in all of these blogs? I guess that's what inspires me to write. I could probably start an entire blog, updated hourly, with things that annoy me. Someone else out there probably already has though. Alas. Maybe I should post some happier tidings. That's it, from now on (or at least today), I will try to counter balance my irritation with something positive that exists in the world. That's an easy enough concession.

Today's Annoyance: Next door neighbors in your apt complex, who are nice, but decide to hang pictures on the wall they share with your bedroom. At 8:00 in the morning, when you're pretty sure you wanted to sleep in.

Who hangs pictures at 8:00 in the morning! And she must have been doing a serious collage because it went on for 40 minutes!! They're nice, don't get me wrong,  but there's part of me that thinks I need to hang some pictures too, at 2:00 am.

We have weird neighbors, for the record, on all sides. There's the new couple upstairs with a dog who are frightfully unfriendly. Or our downstairs neighbor, an older lady who will talk to you until you're emaciated and near death, should you stop for a split second to listen. Our other upstairs neighbors we occasionally hang out with, although then I get the pleasant task of cleaning up the vomit she passed out in when the drink flows a little too liberally...

My favorites are the other girls that live below us, who never leave their house except to work. And they have to work. How else can they afford the constant stream of Target and Amazon boxes that arrive at their house? I'm not joking either; every single day there is a new stack of 5-6 boxes dropped on their doorstep. Where do they put it all? I imagine maybe it's clothing, but truthfully, have no idea what they could still be ordering at this point.  Perhaps they just ask for one of everything.

And now you know about our neighbors. Won't you be my neighbor?


As a child, I think I was too innocent to notice how creepy King Friday is. Just as a thought.

Okay. Enough negativity.  Now for a positive aspect of our world...

Frozen Margaritas!


A universe that came up with these can't be all bad, right? And even if it is, just load yourself up on these babies and you won't have to think about it.

12 November 2008

Marriage Potentially De-sanctified!

My friend Julie wrote a blog entry a while back about gay marriage and Prop 8 in California. Personally I think Prop 8 will one day be removed, as attitudes for social justice continue to improve and all the religious fear-mongers are drowned by the voice of reason. Hopefully it isn't that far off.

In the meantime, I find the argument that the church and many "moralists" use a pretty weak crutch. The idea that allowing gays to marry someone they love is "destroying the sanctity of marriage" is completely absurd. Straight people have destroyed the sanctity of marriage for ages, not to mention marriage hasn't always been such a celebrated union between two willing people. Where was the sanctity in all the political marriages, slave-wives of conquered nations, or harems of days gone by? The notion that it has always been some lofty and beautiful thing is not true. And to be honest, I know some downright ugly marriages existing today. Let's face it, gays and lesbians marrying is just a threat to the patriarchal system we've had in place since the dawn of men-as-insecure-animals.

And really, if me marrying a man threatens your marriage, you've got bigger problems in your relationship to work out.

Anyway, there is an older Onion article (god bless the Onion) which I think parodies the irrational thinking of so many people on this subject. Since its hard to find, I'll just present the thing here, in my blog:

Massachusetts Supreme Court Orders All Citizens to Gay Marry
Feb 25, 2004
From The Onion

February 25, 2004-Justices of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled 5-2 Monday in favor of full, equal, and mandatory gay marriages for all citizens. The order nullifies all pre-existing heterosexual marriages and lays the groundwork for the 2.4 million compulsory same-sex marriages that will take place in the state by May 15.

"As we are all aware, it's simply not possible for gay marriage and heterosexual marriage to co-exist," Massachusetts Chief Justice Margaret H. Marshall said. "Our ruling in November was just the first step toward creating an all-gay Massachusetts."

Marshall added: "Since the allowance of gay marriage undermines heterosexual unions, we decided to work a few steps ahead and strike down opposite-sex unions altogether."

Marshall said the court's action will put a swift end to the mounting debate.

"Instead of spending months or even years volleying this thing back and forth, we thought we might as well just cut to the eventual outcome of our decision to allow gay marriages," Marshall said. "Clearly, this is where this all was headed anyway."

The justices then congratulated the state's 4.8 million marriage-age residents on their legally mandated engagements.

The court issued the surprise order in response to a query from the Massachusetts Senate over whether Vermont-style civil unions, which convey the state-sanctioned benefits of marriage but not the title, are constitutional.

"If the history of our nation has demonstrated anything, it's that separate is never equal," Marshall said. "Therefore, any measure short of dismantling conventional matrimony and mandating the immediate homosexual marriage of all residents of Massachusetts would dishonor same-sex unions. I'm confident that this measure will be seen by all right-thinking people as the only solution to our state's, and indeed America's, ongoing marriage controversy."

Marshall then announced her engagement to Holyoke kindergarten teacher Betsy Peterson, a pairing that had been randomly generated by computers in the census office earlier that day.

Those who don't choose to marry in private will be married in concurrent mass ceremonies at Fenway Park, Gillette Stadium, and the Boston Convention and Exposition Center. Any citizen who is not gay-married or is still in an illegal heterosexual relationship after that date will be arrested and tried for non-support.

Hundreds of confused but vocal protesters lined the street outside the statehouse Monday night, waving both American and rainbow flags. Their chants, which broke out in pockets up and down the street, included, "Hey hey, ho ho, homophobia's got to go, but frankly, this is fucked up" and "Adam and Eve or Adam and Steve, but not Adam and Some Random Guy." Others held signs that read, "On Second Thought, Boston Christians Are Willing To Consider A Compromise."

According to police reports, demonstrators were vocal but orderly.

"The unholy union of people of the same gender destroys the only type of romantic love sanctioned by Our Lord in Heaven: the love between a man and a woman," 54-year-old protester Rose Shoults said. "Me and my new partner Helene are going to fry in hell."

The much-anticipated order sets the stage for Massachusetts' upcoming constitutional convention, where the state legislature will consider an amendment to legally define marriage as a union between two members of the same gender. Without the order, Rep. Michael Festa said the vote, and his personally dreaded wedding to House Speaker and longtime political opponent Thomas Finneran, would be delayed.

"This is a victory, not only for our state, but for America," Festa said. "Simply allowing consenting gay adults the same rights as heterosexuals was never the point. By forcing everyone in the state into a gay marriage, we're setting the stage for our more pressing hidden agendas: mandatory sodomy and, in due time, the legalization of bestiality and pedophilia."

Massachusetts has one of the highest concentrations of gay households in the country, at 1.3 percent, according to the 2000 census. Under the new laws, the figure is expected to increase by approximately 98.7 percentage points.

11 November 2008

Compare and Contrast

I just finished watching Semper Fi, again.

For some reason it hasn't made it to DVD yet, but luckily as a Showtime production they keep throwing it randomly around on their station. I encourage you to watch it, though that could prove difficult without said channel.

Semper Fi is a documentary on Jeff Keys, a marine and all-american good ol' boy who just happens to be gay. Its a fascinating look about his life, and particularly his service in Iraq. There's a lot to the piece. Its filled to the brim with Keys thoughts and observations, both in journal and video form, about patriotism, politics, love, humanity and what it means to be different. It mixes well the course our country is on, our social progress and the firsthand account of how people are affected by our nation - both those invaded by it and those who call it home. I highly recommend it.


But that's not the main point I wanted to make. I was flipping around the channels and stumbled on another program - one I've heard so much about and until this point hadn't witnessed. That's right, I discovered the incredible Paris Hilton My New BFF. Just in case you haven't heard about this, Paris Hilton is apparently friendless and seeing money to be made, has her own reality show to find her a new friend. Seriously. I could take four minutes of this before I wanted to drill my eyes out.


I flipped back to Semper Fi and was struck by a contrast so enormous, I couldn't believe it. Here was an ex-Marine, who eventually left because of a prejudiced policy, discussing the unraveling of another country, humanizing the effects of war, the difficulties of being a patriotic in a society and government that reject you, and the common denominators of all mankind, from any part of the world.

Compare that with Paris, who was spouting that she was sorry, but she could only have one BFF and this girl just couldn't be it.

Seriously. Doesn't it boggle anyone's mind that there are so many more important things going on in this world than Paris Hilton and all she represents? There's nothing wrong with entertainment - and I personally believe that art can coexist with entertainment. But the fact that everyone talks about this show, and is so interested in it also tells me that we''ve lost our way.
We let the promise of money, shiny lights and power distract us from the problems that can't be solved with greed, fame or control. We're selfish, umotivated and don't want our comfortable lifestyles interrupted by things that aren't. Mindless, shallow entertainment like Paris Hilton's friendship status helps us forget exactly that.

I hope all countries are as great as this one.

06 November 2008

Much Too Much!

I'm drowning here. At least, it sure seems that way, in all the creative energy that has exploded lately. I think its time we play "What does Peter do with his leisure time?"

Let's start with this though: I hate my job. Just for the record, should you know of a job opening which involves a more satisfying and creative output than my current one, please let me know. I'm desperate.

Because I hate my job, I spend my free time in pursuits I like to refer to as "projects." I have a lot of projects, and I'm not kidding here. Too many that I'm trying to accomplish right now. And currently I think I'm sinking. I know this isn't perhaps interesting to you viewers out there (if there are any), but it is on my mind and I'm freaking out. Here's a small list, with pictures!

NaNoWriMo - quite possibly the lead weight around my ankle. I've been wanting to write a book for years now, and have the plotline mapped and everything. Its a guilty pleasure, a fantasy novel that I've constructed out of anger to the conventional fantasy running around, though mostly its birth came from some cool ideas I've worked through for far too long. It needs to be on paper. I thought this would be a good way to start it, and instead it is reminding me that perfection is unattainable when one is supposed to write 50,000 words in a month.


Costuming - I enjoy costuming. Check my facebook, myspace, or cosplay for the pictures of things I've done. Currently I'm working on:

- Judge Gabranth: a character with imposing armor from Final Fantasy XII, I couldn't help but want to make him. Some of my homies joined the fray to create some of the other characters (and collect the whole set!), but as of yet, none of us have finished. Mine is a seriously complicated fusing of sintra, leather, liquid plastics and mold-making. It'll be great. Someday.

Here's what I'm going for:

Here's where I'm at. Actually I'm farther than this, but this is the most informative picture.

- Black Mage: I got lucky enough to have an awesome costuming class in which we build chain mail, screenprint, and all sorts of random stuff. In a failed attempt to finish a halloween costume a week before, I decided a black mage from an old school game would be easy, and started making the wizard hat in class. The robes and all that have yet to come, but currently the hat is on its way and looking fantastic.


- Jacket: Screenprinting took off with me. Its really fun and has all sorts of potentials. So I dreamt up jacket and decided to make it. I drafted the pattern, created all the designs to be screenprinted onto it, and with my brother's help at his screen printing facilities, am making an awesome jacket. Here's the progress thus far:


-Designing costumes for Short Experimental Film (to be shot next semester)
-Create the latex mask from the negative I've already cast of the Valtiel face I sculpted. Don't ask.
-Finishing the Riddler Jacket
-Adding matching boot covers to the gauntlets and photographing the Ringwraith outfit

Screenplay: Its called Phoenix, it's on it's third draft, and it's a dark film my mother would never go see. I guess being raised on a steady diet of Disney and Anne of Green Gables does that to you.

Short Horror Film: Not totally updated, but we're near completion. You can at least get the back info on this from the SHit Blog, in my links.


Her Majesty's Secret Raisin Service: My roomie Amanda and I dabble in the exciting world of music. Surprisingly, it takes us longer to write songs than they show on television shows about music artists. In TV world a multi-platinum song can be whipped out in fifteen minutes, start to release party finish. Turns out in real life, its a lot harder. While our music tends to have a surreal element to it, and play with all sorts of ridiculous styles and transitions, we're getting better and you can expect that if not for Christmas, sometime in the next year you'll get a copy. And you'll love it. That is, if you want one. And you probably don't.

Murder Mysteries: I've fallen off the band wagon. I have three different ones, with three different formats I've been kicking around and want to pull out the stops with production on one for my birthday this coming year. Its a good year for murder, I think. The others were a success but I want to keep improving!


Oh and lest you think I've forgotten the documentary of the previous games, I haven't. Its in various stages of completion on my computer. The editing is a bit tough and there's far too much footage of the interviews I did to wade through. Alas... such is the price.

This is a partial list - the top of my list, list, and unfortunately not exhaustive. Its just that I have so much I want to be doing. Instead of writing this blog, for example. So if I'm slow at updating it, I apologize. Maybe I'll have more time when I quit my job and spend the next 2-3 months doing nothing but skiing and playing video games. Sounds like an ideal set up to me.

22 September 2008

Is it just me, or are Republicans kinda gay?

I'm starting to believe that this crazy right-wing agenda is all an act to throw off suspicions that the entire party is made up of self-loathing homosexuals with unusual and disturbing tastes for prostitutes, public anonymous sexual exploits and the illegally young. A group that is unsympathetic with pretty much anyone.

Let's be honest, I might be gay but that doesn't make me a pervert. The unintelligent and uninformed associate homosexuality with pedophilia and regard it as a dark, slippery slope to bestiality. Of course, this is the argument from the moral right. Perhaps these notions are submitted because the people making them are they themselves harboring said sexual deviance. It only makes sense that if your secret desires are horrific in nature, then perhaps you should make scapegoats of the normal, well adjusted homosexuals who want to be treated like actual human beings.

So maybe the prejudice is a based in a fear of discovery for sick appetites. But what about the ones who are just... gay. Self-hating gay, but just gay? For starters, there's the problem of money. Consider religious leaders, even the ones not molesting young boys. Oft times, religion = money, and if you're making all sorts of cash at the expense of worshippers who desperately need something to cling to, its best not to reveal yourself as the very type you're preaching hellfire and damnation against.

But let's not forget politics, money's Bonnie to its Clyde. Apparently money paired with power breeds a complete lack of self respect, self decency, and perhaps a soul. How much does your own self worth as a human being cost? I'm speaking about all the closeted and outed homosexuals alike who are willing to play the wrong side of the political game, working to damn their own equality for their own personal gain. The likes of George W. Bush's campaigners who helped craft his values-oriented, anti-gay spin during his campaign run, for example. Or even more aptly, McCain's Chief of Staff, Marc Buse. Mr. Buse was "outed" today by a former boyfriend, more of whom have come forward after this initial confession. The funny thing is that Marc Buse is already out to his friends, his family, even to his presidential hopeful and anti-gay advocate John McCain. In fact they've worked together for the past 20 years. What a friend indeed.

Ah the irony! Helping a man into office who emphatically rejects any attempts to equalize your status in this country! Fantastic! When Ms. Palin finds out, there might be a emergency De-gayification at her church, which I believe involves rousing activities like hunting moose. I can't help but wonder what the crazy right think about this...

Maybe, just maybe, there's a problem with all the bullshit this current, out-of-control republican party incarnation is feeding people. They talk a big extremist fight, and time and time again show their true colors as something else entirely. But then, what shade of hypocrisy does it take to shake people and wake them up to the lies they're being sold? Alas, the curse of being this kind of supporter is that many can't see the light amidst all the divine enlightenment. These days, the republican party mantra has become "Go Zealot or Go Home (to your terrorist hideout with Osama)!"

Anyway, I got a bit tangential for a moment there. In all, I just wanted to thank some of (certainly not all, there's too many and many more to come) the individuals who helped me write this blog:

Troy King, Attorney General of Alabama
Mark Foley, U.S. Representative
Ted Haggard, Leader of the National Association of Evangelicals
Larry Craig, U.S. Senator and Senate Liason for Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign
Bob Allen, Member of the Florida House of Representatives and Florida Chairman of John McCain’s Presidential Campaign
Glen Murphey Jr., National Chairman of the Young Republicans

And let's not forget

Mark Buse, John McCain's Chief of Staff in the Senate

Thanks to all who are undoing their own civil liberties and destroying this country for the rest of us as well.

16 September 2008

An observation.

I saw a homeless man yesterday, pushing his shopping cart down the desperate road of life.

I really liked his coat. I wonder where I can get one.

11 September 2008

Why title this slag?

It takes me far too long to update my blog. Its just that there are always better things to be doing, like watching Project Runway, or Torchwood. Or perhaps screenprinting ugly table linens. Or working. Yes, there's always working... blech.

It is an unfortunate thing that we must toil, doing that which we do not enjoy to support ourselves and give us the option of doing those things we do take pleasure in.

Someday, i'd like to have those realms co-exist. Or co-mingle. Or coagulate.

Anyway, i'm rambling, about nothing in particular, but just thought I'd briefly write, to remind myself that I still have a blog. And that the times I write are also the times I need to reflect on how much I have to do and how unmotivated I truly am. That's the joy of my existence. How about yours?

This entry made no sense, and I don't really care.

19 August 2008

Thunderstruck with Clarity

Conclusion I have arrived at:

People are stupid.

13 August 2008

On Fame and Egoism

Okay. I know Frank Miller has (potentially had) talent. He wrote Dark Knight Returns, for God's sake. Quite a fantastic read. And Sin City is actually pretty good.

But it seems like these days Frank's gotten a lot of money, and a lot of power. And children, we all know where that leads. It leads to an artist who really thinks he IS something. And suddenly the story isn't the important part; Frank Miller is. 300, for example, is stylish with little substance and flat characters. Indeed, Frank Miller's move from graphic novel creator to full fledged director comes with some... trepidation. Because it isn't Will Eisner's "The Spirit" anymore. He's written his name right over Eisner's. But then Frank also claims that Eisner would be making these same decisions for the movie. Really? Really?Turns out, I just don't think I love Miller has much as Miller loves Miller.

So collect yours today: The Limited Edition Frank Miller's New Improved "The Spirit"

Now with:
Sin City Visuals!!
Lots and lots of Skanky Whores!!
Lousy Ropework!
Lack of Source Material Homage!
Samuel L. Jackson!!
And of course, Academy Award Winning Acting! Sort of.

Maybe I'll have to eat my words. We'll see. But in the meantime, enjoy this gem.

09 August 2008

Politics & Anger in Brevity

Okay, I know, I know, I haven't blogged in centuries. This is going to be a bit of a hodgepodge of ideas that are plaguing me, so bear with me. Oh, and enjoy.

So I'm a liberal. Not like you didn't know this, if you know me. But liberal or not, some things are just intolerable. I watched "No End in Sight" a few nights ago, a documentary about the Iraq war. It is very well done, lays out the facts and essentially reminds me that George W. Bush is one of the worst people we could have possibly put in office.

The sheer arrogance of his administration going into this astounds me. Despite all the information, experience and resources that weren't just available but were throwing themselves at Bush, he and his advisors did everything in their power ignore them and make consecutively poor decisions. Really, you ought to watch it; it blew my mind at how incapable our government is.

Naturally, I'm not a fan to begin with, but it is revolting how our President has blatantly (because subtly and grammar aren't exactly his forte) lied, manipulated, and cheated the american people, all for his own ends, whatever they might be. And I'm not just referring to Iraq, which has been a disaster from the get go and accomplished nothing but alienating the international community, destroying our economy, and pointlessly throwing away soldier's lives. I'm infuriated at every action he has taken in the last 8 years - from violating UN sanctions, wire tapping/spying on our own people, allowing torture, lying, supporting unconstitutional legislation, and general incompetence. It reminds me of those bumper stickers that read "If you're not angry, you're not paying attention."

The more I learn about this presidency's actions, the more irate I become. What is more horrific to me though, is that it seems like the large portion of Americans are indifferent to his misuse of power and exploitation of them. Like it doesn't affect you. The sad thing is it does, and anyone who doesn't realize their rights are being infringed upon and marginalized deserves what you get. You're a complete idiot if you're being duped by a president who isn't fit to run a retail outlet, let alone a country. There's no justification for his actions. I've been told that circumstances require some of the things he's done in light of 9-11. There's a quote by Benjamin Franklin which hits dead on, I think.

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

In our modern politco world it seems like we've regressed. Visionaries such as Franklin are now few and far between, and at present not running or involved in our government. Who can blame them? We've subsidized our governing powers to corporate greed and religious zealots with big checkbooks.

Considering the election, I don't know how Obama will fair if elected, though its a sure bet better than Bush. And McCain... well that's like electing Bush for a third term. The last thing we need is a 70 year old Republican in the White House.

I look back on these last 8 years, and am grateful the end is in site. The current administration needs to go. Isn't it funny how the Christian Right (including the likes of oh-so-reputable-and-self-loathing Rev. Ted Haggard) threw so much weight behind this man? Well I've got news for them:

If Pres. Bush is God's choice for leading "His" nation, then God is one fucked up son-of-a-bitch that I have no desire to meet. I'll take hell, thank you very much.

18 July 2008

Late Night, Dark Knight

Right. Like you didn't know that I would write today, since it's already apparent that Batman motivates me to action. Or at least passionate grandstanding. And sure I'm a little tired this morning; midnight shows will do that to you of course, particularly when they are nearly three hours long. But really how could I NOT write today? Really.

Before I delve into that though, this film gave me a bonus treat that I didn't expect. I sat in a darkened theater, surrounded by hundreds of die-hard, cut-throat batman freaks anxious for their first glimpse of this long expected film. I include myself in this group, squarely and appropriately attired in my "I Killed Jason Todd and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt" shirt, hurling insults like "douche bag" across my father and at a random guy in front of us who just wouldn't shut up. I'm bad in normal movies, having no qualms about displaying my irritation for other people's inconsiderate or just blatantly rude conduct. Seriously, the next cell phone I see being pulled out in a theater is gonna get smashed Get Smart style. Imagine, then, how rabid I am at the premiere of The Dark Knight. I know, it makes you never want to see a movie with me. Alas.

Anyway, the moment the Harry Potter teaser (if it even counts as that) was over, the next trailer appeared and immediately struck me. Dear god, this is Watchmen, I realized as a man is incinerated by radiation. And let me tell you, I got so excited for that film as I watched the trailer. I sincerely hope that Zack Snyder knows what he is doing with this incredible piece of work, though if the trailer is anything to go by, it certainly appears so. I'm very excited.

Which brings me to Dark Knight. Don't worry, I'm not going to spoil plot points or anything, since not everyone has seen it yet. But I will give you my impressions of what I witnessed. And let me start by saying, in an era of hack directors, even once-revered ones returning to the chair from a hiatus, and in the midst of a money-machine hollywood who can't scrape a new idea off the bottom of their shoe, it is refreshing, yes even rewarding, to see someone like Christopher Nolan make not just a first, but now a second film that captures the essence of the the source material. He did it not just successfully, which is what I'd call something like Iron Man but overwhelming and brilliantly. Nolan has managed to more than satisfy any joe off the street looking for a good film, and rabid Batman fans like myself.

From the get-go, I had faith in his directing ability. I was more nervous with Begins because while I like Nolan, I didn't know what he'd bring to the franchise. It turned out he brought a lot of innovation, faithfulness and a keen understanding of what makes these characters so intriguing and worth the seventy or so years of stories based on them. People I spoke to about the sequel were concerned it would suck, after giving us a great first film. I disagreed, even though the Heath Ledger announcement surprised me. But I had faith that it would be a great venture, and by gods, it was.

Heath Ledger was absolutely incredible as the Joker. It has been mentioned that he based his character off of the Joker in an Alan Moore (writer of Watchmen graphic novel) comic, and it is true. His performance had Killing Joke written all over it, which I assume Nolan intended since there are some very similar lines and even situations in this film to those of the book. I also noted a bit of Dark Knight Returns in the exploration of the the Batman/Joker dichotomy. All in all, Ledger has managed to put Nicholson to so much shame in his portrayal. As my father put it, "I've never seen someone play a crazy person so well. He was awful and in a strange way you liked him." It is true. My screenwriting class has often discussed character writing and props to both the script and Ledger - there isn't a minute of screen time in that the Joker doesn't occupy where you don't feel constantly on edge. They've created an incredibly frightening and unsafe character.

Alright, enough geekdom. How was the movie?

Fantastic. More than fantastic. I absolutely and unabashedly loved it and it's nice not to feel like I need to justify that. See the movie and tell me if you don't enjoy it. It is gritty; it is well crafted; it is disturbing; it is smart and it is a ride from start to finish. Even at three in the morning.

I particularly loved how dark it was - not the Tim Burton Penguin dark, but Batman dark. They played the escalation aspect, as well as the cause and reaction of the Joker and Batman rather brilliantly. The psychology of Batman, of Harvey Dent, of the Joker was there. It is an incredible thing to watch and be able to pinpoint subtle but pivotal character moments which change everyone, for better or worse. This movie gives you that; it gives you the very thing Matt Leavitt and I once discussed one mission night: grey in a world that desperately wants black and white. Nolan has created an intelligent piece that understands maddness and order, who understands the strain of undertaking the mantle of "good" in a world against you, and not simply in an over-the-top super hero sort of way.

My one concern - the revival of Rachel Dawes' character with a new actress (which is to say the Maggie Gyllenhaal is a million times better than ol' side-o-the-mouth-talking-anorexic-scientologist-katie; but I hate recurring characters who are played by different actors) - was completely taken care of. The necessity of her character returning made a lot of sense, so that eased my mind. Plus Gyllenhaal was great.

And then there's Harvey Dent.. but look, I can't explain that without going further than I should in this particular blog. Maybe a bit later. Suffice it to say, Aaron Eckhart did a great job with some moments that truly spoke to me. Really, there wasn't a weak performance in the cast (although as Will pointed out, the mayor should tone down the eyeliner). And as for Batman, in his new suit and gadgets? Well our hero has learned a lot from the last film, grows darker even during this one and frankly is just a bad ass. Just you wait and see.

Bottom line: It was incredible. Better than Batman Begins which I never expected. Way better, and since the first was really good... just go see it already.

"All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy."
-The Killing Joke, Alan Moore

22 June 2008

An Odd Shelf

So I'm currently part of a book club, which is actually very cool because I've wanted to do this forever, and am quite pleased with my fellow reader's excitement for it as well. That's not the point though, because you can go read the blog if you feel so inclined.

Anyway, we're currently reading Ex Libris, a collection of essays on, what else, reading. One particular details the notion of any decent reader has an "odd shelf," i.e. a number of books one has picked up that just don't gel with the rest and usually reveal a lot about the reader's person. The author of the book, Anne Fadiman, for example, has a bunch of books on failed British expeditions to the antarctic. Mine, on the other hand, is Batman.

I won't detail the rich, and exciting history of my interest, although it began with the 60's T.V. corniness, moved to the Paul Dini/Bruce Timm animated series sometime shortly after and cemented itself when I asked for a Batman Returns (a movie I was not allowed to see as most PG-13's were definitely off limits to my childhood psyche) action figure. Okay, so maybe I'll detail a little bit of that history. Really, if you haven't realized I love me some Bats by now, then you're not a friend (and I hate you). It should be obvious, seeing as I've even thrown two elaborate mystery parties themed around it.

My odd shelf contains graphic novels, special editions comics, art books on the dark knight, guides to the D.C. created world, making of the different incarnations books, even novelizations of events/movies (which, as a general rule, are horrible). Its kind of funny, chilling next to the literature, and naturally looks odd to those who don't know me.

I'm not going to babble about Batman though, because I realize no one else is interested. Fadiman compares her interest in this polar voyages to that of a knowing a dead language - its fascinating to you, but no one else is there. You can't trot this stuff out a parties. Nobody cares of the tragedies and exploits that have decimated Gotham's rich history, how Jeung and Lovecraft inspired story elements, that complex, encompassing plots and incredible graphic work like Hush make for great reading, or the interesting sidebars I've stored like Harvey Dent's sick interest in Renee Montoya. Don't even get me started on the moral subtexts and psychology of the character. Seriously, dead language.

Now the movie sequel to Batman Begins is coming out. Of which I'm thrilled about. I have great faith in the cast and Christopher Nolan. Finally here is a story that eschews the strange Burton-esque spin of the first two, and the ridiculous camp of the Schumacher era. At last a decent Batman film that helps others see the exciting world I've totally fallen in love with (but would never want to visit). Hooray for the first, and now with the second, I'm definitely being spoiled. Hooray for Dark Knight.

These are good tidings, of course, that my odd shelf is becoming a bit more mainstream. And yet, is it really? Because sure, now everyone is excited about the movie and likes to profess their interest in the superhero, but the moment I start in, their eyes get wide and they back slowly away. Its like I have to test the waters by asking, "How much do you know about Batman?" If I can gauge their level of interest, I can appear not-so-crazy. Inevitably though, I always follow this up at some point in the conversation with, "But I'm a huge Batman fan," trying to dismiss the psychotic episode I've just had in which I give them far too much information on Ra's al Ghul or Mr. Zsaz.

It's worst at work, when a table sees my Batman belt and tries to start a conversation on it. In the 2 years or so I've worked as a server, only one person has ever been able to compete. But really, I doubt anyone is entitle to give me too much flack, because behind those wide and scared eyes is someone who has their own odd shelf, which they keep relegated to their private life so others don't give them the stare I'm getting. It might not be true, but I feel justified in thinking it. And I urge you, the next time you're at a party, to start a conversation with someone about your own odd shelf, just for the reaction. Sure, it'll make you socially awkward and probably revoke your invite from future soirees, but that's a small price to pay for chatting someone's ear off for an hour about a subject they just don't care about.

Try it, and relieve yourself the burden of your hidden interest.

11 June 2008

Requests Before I Go... Or Should that be Demands?

So I was cleaning out the "project room," as we like to refer to it. All the junk from the world of smalltime indie films (Satanic Seal for sale... extremely heavy) and costume creations (aluminum armor can damage you emotionally too) and random attempts at learning new skills (using contact cement as a skin replacement, for example) and just plan cool whims (yeah, that's my pimp cup, bitch) have been shunted to this room.

Seeing as it is getting a little out of control, the time had come to clean. My project stuff was in veritable disarray anyway and the effort required to get the items one needed at a given time meant you had to recall what you had used it for last, and then find the bag with it. Heat gun... heat gun... creating fake limbs? No. Drying latex masks? No. Melting red crayons into "blood?" No. Reshaping sintra? Ah, there it is.

So I organized and cleaned, and its... not even close. But it is getting there, and that's something right? Yet another half finished project for me to have under my belt ( I'm an avid collector of them). And as I was doing so, I started pulling out the weapons made/purchased or whatever. And lo and behold, I remember how fun they were, and donned a couple.

This picture was the result.

I have made sure that my friends and family whom I've shown this too will hand it over to the media once I go on a shooting spree. That way news anchors will have something to cut to while they make statements like:

"If we could show that picture of the suspect once again. Clearly this was a disturbed young man and we have to ask why no one saw the signs."

Which will be followed by:

"Now police are telling us that before he took his own life, he screamed that video games and violent films were the cause of his rage. As you can tell from the photo it looks like he is carrying several bladed weapons from extremely bloody games like 'Riven: the Sequel to Myst,' and movies such as 'Lord of the Rings.' There also appears to be a pirate sword, like those used in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies. Joining us is Dr. Laura, as well as Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, none of whom are experts on anything, but sure espouse to be. Thank you for being here. Can any of you say "I-told-you-so" on behalf of the Conservative Right-Winged Religious Republican movement? And do you think the 'Golden Compass' with its atheist themes played a part in this tragedy?"

I'm glad I could make a contribution. But then, I don't really think I'll be going to postal anytime soon. Oh sure, working at the Mac Grill makes me slightly crazy. Just not that crazy. Although sometimes I wonder about some of my fellow employees...

23 May 2008

Mostly, Knowledge is a Bad Thing. Mostly.

Let's be honest. Who wasn't excited to see the new Indiana Jones movie? To see our legendary hero in action once more before the grave calls him home... well that's a no-brainer.

Alas, I have a brain.

The movie itself was typical Indiana fare, with moments of over-the-top action and brash, deeply-accented baddies who just don't know when to stop (which always leads to an untimely demise). I know it is receiving mixed reviews, and truthfully who cares? The film is entertaining and pretty much everyone will see it. One critic complained that it was the same Indiana action movie of the past, and touted this as a negative. I'm not sure why this would be; nobody comes to a renewed action franchise like Indiana Jones with expectations of it being a groundbreaking departure from cinematic conventions. People want Indiana Jones, not Waiting for Godot starring Harrison Ford. In any event, it's a popcorn movie.

You know, I first heard that phrase from critics describing War of the Worlds a couple years back. Another Spielberg film, and perhaps one of the most painful experiences of my life. War blew chunks. And not just a little. Despite this, critics overwhelming enjoyed the movie! Why was everyone so anxious to (pardon the phrase) suck some Spielberg cock on that dismal attempt of a film? I will concede that the writing in Crystal Skulls might have been weak at times; there were definite holes in a few plot areas, but really, can we expect anything else from a George Lucas story?

And while we're on that subject, what the hell was up with those Star Wars movies? I mean hell... you want something to trash on, look no further than the story of sniveling young Anakin, and how His Whininess became a top-tiered dark lord. Right. I mean, all in all, Crystal Skulls was not even close to the realm of that train wreck in a Galaxy Far Far Away. Probably because Spielberg has redeemable qualities, such as the occasional penchant for actually directing. No questions that he makes crowd-pleasers most of the time that do well at the box office, if nothing for the stimulation of art in the minds of the people (although there are exceptions). But Lucas... well Lucas has given us a lot of beneficial technology, but really ought to leave the directing to others.

Okay, tangent finished. Plenty others have their opinions to dispense of this film, so I'm finished. See it for yourself instead. So, back to brains.


Didn't you love that part where Jar Jar Binks makes a cameo in the movie? Ha ha, just kidding. No, I enjoyed Indiana Jones, but I left with a heavy heart. The movie gave me more to think about than expected in its message about forgoing an education. Multiple lines in the movie inform us that as long as we're happy doing what we do (and drop out of high school to do so), its all good. Jones tells us to "get out of the library" and even the aliens, with their elongated heads proved to be nothing if not destructive with all their crazy learnedness.

But the real sign came towards the end, when our evil Ukrainian Cate demands that she be given all knowledge from the aliens. And they oblige.

Until this point, I had only been concerned about my overly large brain because of Zombies. Once the Umbrella Corporation experimental virus escapes, I know I'm a prime target. You don't find brains like mine anymore, with such a complex flavor and unique taste, nor of such size! I'm the kobe steak of brains, and as the population starts to be overrun by walking Undead, my days are probably numbered.

It turns out that not only am I at the top of the Zombie menu billing, I'm also in danger of becoming too smart. And as we all saw in the film, people who get too much knowledge are in grave danger of their eyes bursting into flame. And I'll tell you something, it didn't look to pleasant. I'd take stop-motion aging from the Cup of Christ any day over my eyes spontaneously combusting.


Doctors call this condition Ocular Knowledge-Based Combustion Disorder (or OKBCD) it's a very sad and real thing. One day you're just sitting there, relaxing with a good read on Quantum Physics and WHOOSH! Everything gets quite bright as your retinas leap into flame. After that, well you're just going to be toast. Getting too smart just might be the death of you. In a way I'm grateful for Spielberg showing me this, and educating the masses (although most are woefully under-intelligent anyway and not in any danger; how else do you explain saddling our country with George W. Bush two terms in a row?) about this potentially life-threatening situation. Now I know that I'll have to walk a very fine line for the rest of my life, avoiding Zombies, and occasionally trying to dumb myself down to avoid an O.K.B.C.D. accident. Perhaps I should drop out of college too - the movie makes a good case for this action.

In any event, reader beware. If you're bright enough to be my friend, you too might be in danger. And there's nothing worse than a blazing death by eyeball fire.


20 May 2008

A Hearty Bowl of Welcome Chili

Please, do come in. Thank you for joining me this dark and stormy evening, refreshments will be served shortly.

Yes my friends, I finally have a blog, not associated with a random fan film. Nor associated with that bane of most people's existence, Myspace. That's right, here we are at the dawning of a new era: mine. This is attempt at holding onto a shred of sanity in this chaotic world; and believe me, my sanity is hanging on by the edge of its fingernails, which are slowly being pried right off their metaphorical fingers. And that hurts.

So come on baby, let's make it hurt so good, shall we?

My areas of expertise are of course limited, and never one to pass over a fault I will embrace that. Thus I intend to blog on anything and everything with an unequivocal lack of expertise instead. Now, I really don't know who will read this, or care, but I will write anyway, in the hopes that scientists of a mythic, long distant future where America is in the grips of uneducated tyrants and in peril from crazy theocratic right-winged hypocrites, will discover my blog and will learn something from it. Something like the history of urinals. Which reminds me, I need to backblog a bit, by moving over my pieces from my myspace blog. These will cover the last couple years or so, and quite frankly, they're archive gold. Enjoy them.

I will of course be adding new blogs too, so don't worry. Until then, comments are always welcome.

And remember darling children, we're all murderers. Why look at you! You killed the best part of yourself years ago.

28 January 2008

What the hell is wrong with you people!

That's an angry subject isn't it?

I must admit, before you get too far into reading this and feel bitterly let down, that I don't have some witty or anecdotal rendering of society and its inherently stupid people. I do have some random thoughts on how I love Sundance Film Festival though. Or how I think our society destroys people.

My brief thoughts on that are this: why is it we are so consumed with idolizing or obsessing over notable figures? Is it because they are notable? Is the celeb really America's royalty? And do we push a little too far to find the next thing that will capitalize upon the masses and roll another dollar into some suited-fuck's wallet? I don't really know the answer to these questions; or maybe I do.

Why do we grab at celebrity news like it is... well, news? I look at things like Britney Spears, for example. Everyone loves to discuss Britney - good or bad, defensively or derivatively. But honestly, how can you look at a mess like Britney and not wonder how she arrived there?

"She couldn't take the fame." Or perhaps the fame takes no prisoners. I suspect that we overlook the underlying issue here, as we from our comfortable anonymous beds pass judgement on individuals because they make far more money than we ever will. Now I don't pretend to know Britney's motives for her actions or career path. But I do believe that the media, and the american public - all of us - destroy things put before us. Guilty too are the parents and moguls who pushed and shaped people into these marketable little icons of popular culture.

Part of this idea emerged in my head after watching "Gonzo," a documentary at Sundance about Hunter S. Thompson. Say what you will about his sanity; his journalistic and literary work was tremendously revered. In the end though, his success and fame made it impossible for him to create anything of value anymore and eventually he shot himself.

It makes you wonder if anyone is really built to deal with our invasive desperation.

Maybe it makes us feel better about our own sad, pathetic, lives. After all, celebrities have sad and pathetic lives, often though they also have any material possession within their reach as well.

I suppose in the end, the buck is really pushing everything. We live a limited viewpoint in the United States thanks to capitalism. Sure, it creates free markets and free trade that ultimate benefits the consumer. It also has allowed us to put a price on everything , even our own humanity.

We've lost scope of those things that are beneficial to expanding our minds to those that will makes us richer. Art, business, relationships, politics, and entertainment have been casualties to this cultural mindset.

Money may not be everything, but it certainly has it's fingers in every aspect of our puppet lives.

P.S. I'm starting to consider a move to an actual blogging site and a dismantling of my myspace (seeing after all how myspace is fairly retarded). More information to come.