14 May 2009

G0ywads, or The Trials of Self-Loathing

I know I promised a blog on more of my creative endeavors, but since that's probably less interesting to you faceless masses out there, I felt completely legitimate about posting some thoughts.

Indeed, these thoughts demanded to be posted when I stumbled upon the most amazing site ever (as mentioned by another blog, many thanks!).

A riddle for you:

Q: What's religious, homophobic, and interested in man on man action?

A: No, it's not Ted Haggard. It's the g0y (with a zero) movement.

Just what are g0ys? Christ almighty, where do I begin? G0ys are men who crave the intimacy of other men, but in a masculine sort of way because they are disgusted by "queeny" gays. Oh, and they definitely don't do anal sex. That's a big point in the core belief set. Approved activities include: naked wrestling (which is definitely encouraged by the site as a good way to bait other g0ys) hand jobs, blow jobs, massages, kissing, rubbing against each other, etc. None of which is "gay," apparently.

Who are g0ys? Well g0ys are any number of men (1 in 3, according to the well-researched stats on the site), many of whom are married and have kids, or that consider themselves straight, but just want a very close male bond. They are men who are dissatisfied with the media making such a big deal about anal sex in regards to gay life. But "gays," who are (apparently) all extremely effeminate and begging for anal sex, are met with repulsion by the g0ys.

Furthermore, the site gets into scripture. No seriously, it does. And it finds fault with the media and society for the stigma of to man on man love as evil, as a relationship that requires anal sex, and as a sin. In reality, the actual evil is anal sex, not intimacy with another man. The scriptures presented are laughable at best. Rev. 21:8 which cites sinners, (and sexual sinners) being cast into a lake of fire. How this proves his point, I'm not sure. Or Luke 17:2, the one about hanging a millstone about your neck if you cause the little ones to stumble in their belief. What? Seriously, what?

The site gets more ridiculous the deeper you get into it. They want churches to accept man on man love, but "loudly denounce anal sex and those that create tolerance for such deadly and destructive acts." There's plenty about aids on here - and admittedly because of thin tissue walls and such, anal sex can easily transmit STD's when care is not taken. But it turns out HIV is passed through other means as well. And **gasp!** straight people get it too!

So what do we do about this stigma, those of us who are amBisexual and get lots of babes but conceal our desire to be close to other men as well? He proposes that it's in education. Yep. He proposes the creation of g0y x-rated films to help educate people on the "appropriate" or moral version of man on man relationships. Seriously.

I'm seriously blown out of the water. Like seriously. The site rails (and hard) on homosexuals. It's the most out of control display of self-loathing I can imagine. In our society we use terms like gay or straight to stereotype people, on this point I'll agree. People are people, and there's varying degrees of attraction, likes or dislikes, innate in everyone. Fine. But this assertion - on moral groundwork no less - that g0ys are the right way to approach sexuality is ludicrous. There are gay men out there who don't like anal sex, just as there are straight women who do. Or straight men who like penetration, but aren't interested in men. It's a personal preference. Nobody like the same things, not even in bed, it turns out, and what disturbs me most is the sheer lack of tolerance displayed by g0ys. The idea that men loving men is not wrong, but "gay" is or anal sex, or effeminate acting men, is a serious pointer of someone who is confused.

I've run into lots of former (or current) church members who can't let the religious background go - and believe me, I understand. Religion can seriously fuck people up. It's incredible the things people will justify to themselves, and the manner in which they will. This site is an example of that. It's patently offensive on so many fronts. Some of my favorite notes include that not all gays are out there queens who don't understand what intimate relationships between men are really supposed to be, but beware: "hanging out with smokers will make you smell like smoke, likewise hanging out with flamers..." I also really enjoy that he compares "butt sex" to cyanide. Or that men rape other men because it is the ultimate expression of disrespect. He says this as if its totally credible, never questioning where the idea came from or that it might actually be an expression of a chauvinistic patriarchal system and the notion of masculinity. In fact what I find most interesting is how adamant he is in defending both a religious morality to this and his own masculinity. And on a side note, if you're considering coming out g0y, you're advised to work out at the gym for 6 months before doing so. Apparently the g0y world is not place for uglies.

It simply screams of some guy who can't come to terms with his interest in men, unless he can define it as something different, to allay his own moral conscious and to feed his self-loathing, hypocritical and hateful justifications.

Check out the site, because really there's too much ammo here. It's a riotous good time. And always remembered, you got g0yed here first.

g0y Me!

Does this look g0y to you?

13 May 2009

Ring Around the Costume Shop

Finally, as promised far too long ago, I will post my sketches and the actual costumes that came from them. It was for a beginning costume design class, so we each took a character from the play Ring Around the Moon. I was assigned Isabelle, a character who wears a dress that gets constantly mentioned throughout the play - it was a daunting task. Plus the director set the piece in 1912. Has anyone looked at the dresses during this period? They aren't pretty, they don't move, and they're not flattering to the figure. Ah well.

The process was also pretty consuming. I have to research the period and dresses for said occasions, then search for the right fabrics, dye them to the appropriate colors, meet with the pattern-maker and help them create a 3D version of the sketch, attend fittings, hair stylings, etc. etc. etc.

Turned out that my simple designs were some of the most time consuming and difficult to make, not to mention costly. This is a running theme - somehow I dream in naturally complicated designs. We saved a little money by not purchasing the perfect hand-beaded fabric online for the ball gown (which, when paired with the silk crepe would've brought this dresses cost in materials alone to $3000) and instead, I spent my life beading it myself. You do what you gotta do, I guess. Course, some saintly souls were willing to aid my in that beading process, but I'll allege I spent around 20 hours doing it. While I didn't have to make the dresses, I was still deeply involved and anything not clearly someone else's job, fell to me.

All in all I think it turned out well. Unfortunately these pictures don't do the beading/sparkle justice. Just imagine it sparkling under the stage lights. Because it did. And it was fantastic. My hands still hurt.

The Travel Dress/Coat:
This picture is terrible, I just took a quick one with my iphone, so sorry for the lousy quality.

And here's the actual:

On stage, suitcase in hand:

The Ball Gown
Once again, this is partially terrible photo and that I used colored pencils (watercolor or prisma color markers are far superior) but you get what you get.

And the actual:

The dress in action:

There you have it. It was busy, but in the end it was also really, really cool. For our final project we created designs for an imaginary show of our choosing, in any time period, but based upon the 7 Deadly Sins. I'll post those as soon as I get them back.

12 May 2009

Updates Galore

...are coming soon. In fact they'd come now if I didn't have to go to work. Damn it. Well, just sit on the edge of your seat until then, because as promised, the designs and the dresses will make their way on here, plus what has taken up all of my time the last couple months...

To make this post a little less lame, I will present for your viewing pleasure, the Chuck Norris Action Jeans!

Everyone should own a pair, or five. Who knows when you'll get into a scrape that only Chuck could get you out of.