03 June 2009

Mysteries of the Exotic East

Konnichiwa bitches.

As a quick update, I just wanted to inform you, my loyal readers, that i am currently going to be updating this very rarely for the next month or so. Whats the difference from what i am currently doing, you ask? As you should, since i never update this regularly anymore...

Fine, that was deserved. But i am not updating anytime soon because i have limited internet capabilities (although this may change when we are no longer under quarantine by the school for suspected swine flu. which we dont have but the japanese are afraid we do.)because (oh. i already stole my own thunder)Im in japan. and this keyboard is really difficult to use at times. i keep switching into kanji and kana characters. if my grammar is terrible, thats why.

Yes, the exotic world of anime, honorific exchanges, and robots. though i have yet to see any of the last one. but i have faith that i will get to before too long. here's hoping. anyway the point is that im far too busy trying to survive to worry about keeping this blog up to the minute. or week. or month.

whatever, in the meantime, ill continue to get stared at by adults, laughed at by children, and misunderstood some old asian guy trying to help me figure out how to buy a subway pass. until then, take care and just be jealous i can buy sake out of vending machines here.