14 November 2010

Giant Robot NaNoWriMo vs. Me

I admit it. The last thing I want to do is write blog entries while I'm in the midst of writing 50,000 words for a novel by the end of November. So this won't be long.


As I've sat down and forced myself to write consciously about 1700 words a day, I've found myself desperately craving stories. It's not so much for inspiration, at least not in the material but perhaps in the techniques of storytelling. How to keep in interesting, what what. It's just that all this creativity is flowing out of me in a concentrated amount this month and one of the odd side effects is to fill myself with all sorts of other media. Books, television, movies, graphic novels, and so on.

Perhaps the most interesting, and the one I have been suckered into most heavily? Anime. Now I know you're probably judging me, but I don't care. I used to watch a fair amount - staples like Trigun or Oh! My Goddess, or Miyazaki films.

This interest has unfolded again, in the form of Claymore. It's perhaps a bit expository heavy (which is exactly what my own novel has been doing from day one) but that's forgivable because the drama and the execution are fantastic. Ultra-violent, but fascinating and enjoyable.

Anyway, I just wanted to make a note. And tell anyone who is interested I intend to have a Trigun night (day?) soon. Be warned, and come join in the fun.

Fixed it!

Fast update: I fixed the youtube link in the previous post so watch it and then tell me what you think. Haunting? Creepy? Awesome, right?

04 November 2010

Atmospheric and Awesome

My brother sent me this video and I can't help but say I love it. These places have such atmosphere, I'm really rather depressed I won't get to see this before it's demolished. I need to start seeking abandoned buildings and complexes out more frequently, since we have no love for them in this country.