19 August 2008

Thunderstruck with Clarity

Conclusion I have arrived at:

People are stupid.

13 August 2008

On Fame and Egoism

Okay. I know Frank Miller has (potentially had) talent. He wrote Dark Knight Returns, for God's sake. Quite a fantastic read. And Sin City is actually pretty good.

But it seems like these days Frank's gotten a lot of money, and a lot of power. And children, we all know where that leads. It leads to an artist who really thinks he IS something. And suddenly the story isn't the important part; Frank Miller is. 300, for example, is stylish with little substance and flat characters. Indeed, Frank Miller's move from graphic novel creator to full fledged director comes with some... trepidation. Because it isn't Will Eisner's "The Spirit" anymore. He's written his name right over Eisner's. But then Frank also claims that Eisner would be making these same decisions for the movie. Really? Really?Turns out, I just don't think I love Miller has much as Miller loves Miller.

So collect yours today: The Limited Edition Frank Miller's New Improved "The Spirit"

Now with:
Sin City Visuals!!
Lots and lots of Skanky Whores!!
Lousy Ropework!
Lack of Source Material Homage!
Samuel L. Jackson!!
And of course, Academy Award Winning Acting! Sort of.

Maybe I'll have to eat my words. We'll see. But in the meantime, enjoy this gem.

09 August 2008

Politics & Anger in Brevity

Okay, I know, I know, I haven't blogged in centuries. This is going to be a bit of a hodgepodge of ideas that are plaguing me, so bear with me. Oh, and enjoy.

So I'm a liberal. Not like you didn't know this, if you know me. But liberal or not, some things are just intolerable. I watched "No End in Sight" a few nights ago, a documentary about the Iraq war. It is very well done, lays out the facts and essentially reminds me that George W. Bush is one of the worst people we could have possibly put in office.

The sheer arrogance of his administration going into this astounds me. Despite all the information, experience and resources that weren't just available but were throwing themselves at Bush, he and his advisors did everything in their power ignore them and make consecutively poor decisions. Really, you ought to watch it; it blew my mind at how incapable our government is.

Naturally, I'm not a fan to begin with, but it is revolting how our President has blatantly (because subtly and grammar aren't exactly his forte) lied, manipulated, and cheated the american people, all for his own ends, whatever they might be. And I'm not just referring to Iraq, which has been a disaster from the get go and accomplished nothing but alienating the international community, destroying our economy, and pointlessly throwing away soldier's lives. I'm infuriated at every action he has taken in the last 8 years - from violating UN sanctions, wire tapping/spying on our own people, allowing torture, lying, supporting unconstitutional legislation, and general incompetence. It reminds me of those bumper stickers that read "If you're not angry, you're not paying attention."

The more I learn about this presidency's actions, the more irate I become. What is more horrific to me though, is that it seems like the large portion of Americans are indifferent to his misuse of power and exploitation of them. Like it doesn't affect you. The sad thing is it does, and anyone who doesn't realize their rights are being infringed upon and marginalized deserves what you get. You're a complete idiot if you're being duped by a president who isn't fit to run a retail outlet, let alone a country. There's no justification for his actions. I've been told that circumstances require some of the things he's done in light of 9-11. There's a quote by Benjamin Franklin which hits dead on, I think.

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

In our modern politco world it seems like we've regressed. Visionaries such as Franklin are now few and far between, and at present not running or involved in our government. Who can blame them? We've subsidized our governing powers to corporate greed and religious zealots with big checkbooks.

Considering the election, I don't know how Obama will fair if elected, though its a sure bet better than Bush. And McCain... well that's like electing Bush for a third term. The last thing we need is a 70 year old Republican in the White House.

I look back on these last 8 years, and am grateful the end is in site. The current administration needs to go. Isn't it funny how the Christian Right (including the likes of oh-so-reputable-and-self-loathing Rev. Ted Haggard) threw so much weight behind this man? Well I've got news for them:

If Pres. Bush is God's choice for leading "His" nation, then God is one fucked up son-of-a-bitch that I have no desire to meet. I'll take hell, thank you very much.