14 July 2009

Dear Anonymous

Well friends, I am officially returned to the United States. And I have many incredible things to say about Japan. I love the exposure to a society that gives me the opportunity to experience a different cultural perspective; an opportunity that always allows one to question the places they came from and to expand their mind and narrow their predjudices. This is why I love to travel and explore places that aren't... well, here.

I have far too much I could discourse on my time in Japan, but for the moment, I will lead into the actual topic I wish to discuss tonight.

Today I got a response to my post on "The Trials of Self Loathing," from an anonymous reader who apparently doesn't agree with what I have to say. Which is fine! I don't expect everyone to think as I do. But likewise, they can hardly expect me not to address their comments if I feel so inclined. And since it is my blog, so I shall.

First the comment:

On Jul 14, 2009, at 4:51 PM
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "G0ywads, or The Trials of Self-Loathing":

Attempting to explain spiritual things to non-spiritual people is impossible. Depth goes way over their heads.
When the spirituality on this blog actually is developed and strived for, maybe this blog would be worthy of reading.

And now, my response:

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks for your thoughts! The feedback of the readers helps us improve the services we provide here at Once A Murderer. Now, if I may, I'd like to address your comments.

First, bravo on soldiering your beliefs! It takes true moral fortitude to stand for what's right in these dark and increasingly evil times. I'm just disappointed you felt as though you needed to post your response anonymously. If, as you seem to imply in your comments, spirituality and hence God are on your side, there should be no reason to not publicly declare your lofty residence in the mansions of Heaven. Certainly I would never presume that your remarks were made anonymously out of a shame for your tennants, but you've put me in the difficult position of having to surmise the type of person who wrote this, so I might adequately respond.

Clearly you are not an avid reader of my blog since the post you remarked upon is older, and in terms of content, hardly a scathing review of religion. I've written far worse.

But perhaps we have some common ground there. I suspect that to some degree you too believe other religions can seriously confuse people looking for the truth. We differ only in that you believe you have "the one true church" and I believe there's no such thing. Ah well. As the saying goes, "You say tomato..."

I'm making the assumption you're a member of "the church." Your morally superior tone has that ring to it. I understand the need to justify to yourself that the way you're living your life is right. But I would like to offer a little advice, as a friend. Being so cocksure about an unknown afterlife and your own spiritual jockeying smacks of doubt. In fact, I find it interesting that you left these anonymous comments on that particular post, one which focuses on self-loathing, closeted homosexuals. For all intents and purposes, you've left me to assume you fall in that category and are thus taking such offense to my blogging.

Now I also gather you got to my blog through my facebook link, so likely we're facebook friends (a meaningless title indeed) unless you've dropped me for my lack of subjugation to the prophetic counsel. After all, you wouldn't want to hold onto people who don't think or believe the same way you do. It's a pretense that's seen us through Holocaust atrocities, Marxist regimes, and even mob persecutions of Latter Day Saints. Solid thinking indeed.

Perhaps that's the reason for your anonymity, then. Perhaps, like many who cry the loudest, you're covering for your own personal problems. I should hope you didn't withhold your identity for fear of being revealed as a hypocrite. Although it makes sense; and I completely understand, then, if you felt like you needed to make a righteous attempt at combating Satan but were afraid your own life, seated upon your throne and crowned with arrogance, wouldn't hold up to the scrutiny.

And what a crown it must be. I admit that I bristle (albeit only slightly) at your implication that I neither have nor am striving for spiritual things. I'm much obliged for your assessment, I really am. And I hope you'll give Jesus a high-five from me the next time you sit down with him and determine the spiritual state of others.

I could take the time to explain my own spirituality, my belief system, and the trials I went through to come to them and stand here as a person who feels he lives his life according to codes of a spiritual nature. I could, but I won't because I'm afraid the "depth" would go way over your head (A quick clarification: Does that sentence in your response mean I'm so deep I can't see the shallower "depths" above my head? I'm just asking logistically, of course, since that would reasonably, make me deeper than you. Elucidation would be quite welcome). It's incredibly presumptuous of you. I can only take from this that you mean I don't fall within your standards of spirituality. Not to be rude, but considering what you've given me so far - that you're likely a hypocritical closet case who feels better by condemning things that he/she doesn't understand - I'm not sure I want to hold myself to your spiritual standard. Its got a little too much "double" mixed in.

Finally, I appreciate that you've deemed my blog unworthy of reading - not just for yourself but for everyone. As I previously stated, you've clearly not been following my blog, so while I am grateful for your thoughts, I doubt you speak for all the readers out there. And sweetie, if you don't like my blog, no one is forcing you read it. You sound as though you'd be much more comfortable perusing LDS.org, so please, feel free to waste their time if you don't care for the content here. I have no intention of asking for your permission, or your spiritual guidelines before posting in the future, so really, don't expect it to get any better.

Anonymous, in the future, if you want to leave more comments on my blog, I welcome them. But in the meantime, feel free to take a look at why you're so desperate to prove your faith by anonymously attacking the spirituality of others through chicken shit comments. If you're looking for a fight, I'm happy to oblige, although I generally prefer rational, well-reasoned arguments. The "God-says-so" defense doesn't hold water, and the "I'm-on-Spiritual-high-ground" gives you no credibility. Seriously, do better next time.

Love your friend and offensive blogger,