06 July 2010

Excitement is Coming...

Let's be honest, this doesn't show you anything, but it does makes me seriously excited.  Julie, this is probably mostly for you.  :)

05 July 2010

Costuming the Carmelites

A few quick pics from Dialogues of the Carmelites.  It was actually a really enjoyable (if at times incredibly stressful) show to do.  Such are the breaks when you're working on an immense show, double cast, with absolutely no support, help and a miniscule budget.  Despite all that, I feel it turned out rather well.  But as promised, here's a quick photographic journey through this depressing (as evidenced by the all the ominous guillotine shots) show.   Enjoy.

03 July 2010

Another Open Letter

Dear George R.R. Martin-

I appreciate that you have created an extremely successful franchise in A Song of Fire and Ice. I appreciate that it is now on its way to HBO syndication and that it has inspired graphic novels, board games, card games, figures, armor and so much more. I really do. I love these books, and rightly so. They are a fantastic read. But I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop writing other random collaborations, cease reveling in the glory of your creations (now you can buy a reproduction of your favorite character's weapon!) and take some time to perhaps finish the series. Seriously. I started reading these books in 1998. 1998! In all that time there's only been four of them, and I'm starting to be concerned that if you continue at your current pace you'll either end up:

A) Like Robert Jordan (as an example; I don't care for his books) with some "hot new author" finishing out your series because you're dead.


B) With an HBO series that dies off because no end to the story has been written. Even if they were successful enough to flesh out the current plan of one book per season, that's seven seasons (a lot to hope for) and frankly that leaves you with only seven years to finish three books. Your current model for publishing won't support that and I'm slightly dubious since your website continues to purport that you'll have it done any time now... dated 2008.

The other option is that you'll outlive me and I'll be dead before I ever have a satisfying conclusion to this series.

Mr. Martin, take this as a compliment about your writing - its among the best stuff I've read. And I know that quality takes time. But throw your loyal readers a bone, if you would. It's been a feast of crows for all your readers for far too long.