18 June 2010

New Bad Movie Blog!

Friends and Lovers, I have just started a new blog covering one of my
greatest loves, terrible movies. While it only has a few reviews, I
intend to grow it into an epicenter of movies to never watch.

Check it out, follow me, and revel in Cinematic Casualty.


Also, there's far too many movies and too little time; I will welcome
submissions and suggestions for movies.


02 June 2010

Talisman Rising (3-Dimensionally!)

I suppose I ought to throw a little info in here. I am currently working on a 3d board for one of my all time favorite board games. Graciously, Capree has offered to be my project-cohort in crime, and together we will create an epic playing field! The board's dimensions are roughly twice that of the original board, equivalent to roughly 4' x 6'. Built from mdf, insulation foam, and all sorts of love, I am super pumped about this.

It's already led to some highly enjoyable learning experiences: how to get 4'x8' foam home on the top of your subaru... not to mention why laughing while cutting foam with a hot wire cutter isn't the best idea. Repairs necessary.

More to come.