31 August 2007

Who Watches?

I just finished Watchmen last night. For those of you who don't know, I'm relatively new at this whole graphic novel thing, but there is a lot of hype to the Watchmen. My interest was struck at Comic Con this year, when Zack Snyder (director of 300 - huh.) gave a presentation we happened to catch on the film version (as always, completely unassociated with or approved by Alan Moore) being worked upon.

Though not a great public speaker, his passion and excitement for the subject, and his intention to remain utterly true to the material were very telling and my interest was aroused.

So a week or so ago I went out and bought it.

This comic is hailed as a turning point in graphic novel history - it is revered as the moment when darkness really started to come to comics, but more especially as a complex piece of art.

I'm happy to say it lived up to the hype, more in fact. And I highly recommend it to anyone interested in a grim, political story mired in psychology and human flaw. Its a fascinating take, but keep in mind it is extremely dense, symbolic and heavy. Not light fare in the least. I'd like to write more about it, and more particularly discuss it with anyone who has read it. Other perspectives always yield greater insight.

Alas, now I must find something else to read because I'm hungry for something as filling.

Read it.

15 August 2007

Oh dear god...

Its moment's like this that I spend a lifetime waiting for. Unfortunately I missed out on the very clever and cool marketing campaign warner brothers is doing for this film - including a website during Comic Con (because the WB panel we attended was incredibly silent on the subject) put up by the joker. They skywrote a number over the con, which gave you riddles to the website and eventually revealed this picture from the upcoming Dark Knight film:

Now the site is nothing more (as far as I can tell) than this - a much devolved version.

Joker's Website

Still, one of the things the site originally linked to was this teaser trailer, which is frankly the most exciting part of my life. I'm curious to see what you all think. Its gonna be good. I can taste it. Watch and enjoy...

09 August 2007

The SHit!

Alright kids, you asked for it (well, no you didn't, actually) and you got it (you just get it anyway, because even though you didn't know you wanted it, you're finding out now):

Our production diary blog is live (or at least online and updated as frequently as we feel so inclined). Here is where you'll find all the anecdotal and intriguing behind-the-scenes information about our fan film currently in production.

You'll get to hear/see all random adventures we've had making this, from filling abandoned bathrooms with blood, to raiding Albertson parking lots, to visits to Mordor and horrifying encounters with sprinklers. Its all there. Or will be anyway.

See it all here: The SHit

The movie started out as a small project and has blown into a much-larger-than-anticipated film. We've been working on it since about April of 07' and we're slowly nearing the end of shooting, so it will probably, with post, be available come early October.

Until then, check the link above for what's currently going on with the movie. Its sparse at the moment, but will be updated soon. This week we're shooting one of the biggest scenes in the movie, which will be fantastic, but is all consuming, so we'll play catch up on this blog next week.