22 September 2008

Is it just me, or are Republicans kinda gay?

I'm starting to believe that this crazy right-wing agenda is all an act to throw off suspicions that the entire party is made up of self-loathing homosexuals with unusual and disturbing tastes for prostitutes, public anonymous sexual exploits and the illegally young. A group that is unsympathetic with pretty much anyone.

Let's be honest, I might be gay but that doesn't make me a pervert. The unintelligent and uninformed associate homosexuality with pedophilia and regard it as a dark, slippery slope to bestiality. Of course, this is the argument from the moral right. Perhaps these notions are submitted because the people making them are they themselves harboring said sexual deviance. It only makes sense that if your secret desires are horrific in nature, then perhaps you should make scapegoats of the normal, well adjusted homosexuals who want to be treated like actual human beings.

So maybe the prejudice is a based in a fear of discovery for sick appetites. But what about the ones who are just... gay. Self-hating gay, but just gay? For starters, there's the problem of money. Consider religious leaders, even the ones not molesting young boys. Oft times, religion = money, and if you're making all sorts of cash at the expense of worshippers who desperately need something to cling to, its best not to reveal yourself as the very type you're preaching hellfire and damnation against.

But let's not forget politics, money's Bonnie to its Clyde. Apparently money paired with power breeds a complete lack of self respect, self decency, and perhaps a soul. How much does your own self worth as a human being cost? I'm speaking about all the closeted and outed homosexuals alike who are willing to play the wrong side of the political game, working to damn their own equality for their own personal gain. The likes of George W. Bush's campaigners who helped craft his values-oriented, anti-gay spin during his campaign run, for example. Or even more aptly, McCain's Chief of Staff, Marc Buse. Mr. Buse was "outed" today by a former boyfriend, more of whom have come forward after this initial confession. The funny thing is that Marc Buse is already out to his friends, his family, even to his presidential hopeful and anti-gay advocate John McCain. In fact they've worked together for the past 20 years. What a friend indeed.

Ah the irony! Helping a man into office who emphatically rejects any attempts to equalize your status in this country! Fantastic! When Ms. Palin finds out, there might be a emergency De-gayification at her church, which I believe involves rousing activities like hunting moose. I can't help but wonder what the crazy right think about this...

Maybe, just maybe, there's a problem with all the bullshit this current, out-of-control republican party incarnation is feeding people. They talk a big extremist fight, and time and time again show their true colors as something else entirely. But then, what shade of hypocrisy does it take to shake people and wake them up to the lies they're being sold? Alas, the curse of being this kind of supporter is that many can't see the light amidst all the divine enlightenment. These days, the republican party mantra has become "Go Zealot or Go Home (to your terrorist hideout with Osama)!"

Anyway, I got a bit tangential for a moment there. In all, I just wanted to thank some of (certainly not all, there's too many and many more to come) the individuals who helped me write this blog:

Troy King, Attorney General of Alabama
Mark Foley, U.S. Representative
Ted Haggard, Leader of the National Association of Evangelicals
Larry Craig, U.S. Senator and Senate Liason for Mitt Romney’s Presidential Campaign
Bob Allen, Member of the Florida House of Representatives and Florida Chairman of John McCain’s Presidential Campaign
Glen Murphey Jr., National Chairman of the Young Republicans

And let's not forget

Mark Buse, John McCain's Chief of Staff in the Senate

Thanks to all who are undoing their own civil liberties and destroying this country for the rest of us as well.

16 September 2008

An observation.

I saw a homeless man yesterday, pushing his shopping cart down the desperate road of life.

I really liked his coat. I wonder where I can get one.

11 September 2008

Why title this slag?

It takes me far too long to update my blog. Its just that there are always better things to be doing, like watching Project Runway, or Torchwood. Or perhaps screenprinting ugly table linens. Or working. Yes, there's always working... blech.

It is an unfortunate thing that we must toil, doing that which we do not enjoy to support ourselves and give us the option of doing those things we do take pleasure in.

Someday, i'd like to have those realms co-exist. Or co-mingle. Or coagulate.

Anyway, i'm rambling, about nothing in particular, but just thought I'd briefly write, to remind myself that I still have a blog. And that the times I write are also the times I need to reflect on how much I have to do and how unmotivated I truly am. That's the joy of my existence. How about yours?

This entry made no sense, and I don't really care.