13 May 2016


Today I believe.

That seems a silly statement.  It's just that lately I've been trapping myself in a lot of mental boxes, then getting frustrated by the mazes I run to escape them.  Needless, really.  But how do you stop that?

I don't know.

What I do know is that the heart of the matter lies in my own perceptions of myself, in my abilities, in my capacities.  I am only capable of what I tell myself I am capable of - and lately I've been coming to the sum of "not a lot."  I re-started this blog because I had a glimpse of that possibility.  Today I return because the lesson has been driven home again (doubtless it will need to be many times over).

So today I reassessed where I am at and what I am.  There is inherent disappointment in that, but it may also function as a compass.  I have always been my own roadblock - but perhaps there is a way to cease such self-deprecation and work towards the life I envision.  One where I write.

I haven't been idle - new jobs to pay the bills and releasing a social media storm have sort of drained of late.  The writing  calls, and I will answer.

Because today I believe.

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