21 April 2016

The Release.

Holy shit guys.  I did it.

It's a weird feeling, but after four long years, we've released our web series.  I want to say more but I don't know what.  It's hard to express this sensation.  It's weird to see it finally out there.  I'm proud of it.  I'm momentarily satisfied.


This counts as writing because I wrote and directed the series.  I remember the first time I every wrote something (not homemade) that was performed in a space.  Its equal parts terrifying, cringe-worthy, and incredible to see your words brought to life by talented people.  There's some of that here.  Its different because I've stared at these images, listened to these words over and over and over again.  That inherently loses some of its magic and drowns you in such a microcosm that eventually you can't tell if what you've done is good or not.  Separation is hard.

I'm not sure I'm there.  But I do think that what I've created isn't half bad.  For now that's enough.

Now I've let it out into the world.

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